Building a mobile future for crypto

NFTs in a Dreamerly-powered mobile app

Dreamerly's mission is to help iOS and Android developers create amazing web3 experiences for their customers.

We believe that crypto developers should be able to meet users where they are. For the vast majority of people all over the world, mobile is the gateway to the Internet. So mobile devices should be the windows to the magic of crypto, too.

The engineers and creators in crypto share the same belief. Countless teams are hard at work—testing, iterating, and re-imagining mobile-first use cases for web3. And yet the deck is stacked against them: opaque app store policies, UX problems, and blockchain integration challenges.

Dreamerly aims to solve that with easy-to-use, compliance-focused NFT mobile toolkits for developers. Our motivation is simple: Can we push the headaches of app reviews, in-app purchases, NFT management out of the way? Can we make it so seamless that web3 mobile developers can focus on what truly matters—their customers? Can we help iOS and Android engineers unlock new crypto features for their apps?

It's time for crypto to go mobile.

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