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Published December 14, 2022

Dreamerly's developer communities on Reddit, Discord, LinkedIn, and Twitter
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Building at the intersection of web3 and mobile is an exciting and rewarding endeavor. For iOS and Android developers, NFTs and other crypto technologies hold the potential to create powerful mobile experiences, empower content creators and users, and unlock new monetization models. More than anything, web3 mobile holds the promise of mass user adoption for crypto.

Yet, web3 iOS and Android developers also face significant hurdles. From navigating app store policies and running in-app purchases to building wallet integration and fixing UX bugs–the challenges of building web3 on mobile can feel overwhelming and insurmountable. It is for this reason that we are building Dreamerly. Our goal is to provide a suite of toolkits to make it easy and seamless for iOS and Android developers like you to integrate NFTs and web3 into your apps.

Beyond tooling and infrastructure, we also believe that a network of like-minded engineers, designers, and creators is critical in pushing web3 mobile development forward. So today, we are excited to announce the launch of our web3 mobile developer communities on Reddit, Discord, LinkedIn, and Twitter. We hope that these spaces can provide a platform for developers to connect, share, and learn from each other.

Provide support fast

As anyone working in web3 mobile knows, cookie-cutter solutions don’t help. Each web3 feature is different. Each app review requires a distinct approach. Each mobile experience targets and serves a distinct set of users. There are no best practices, standards, and frameworks for web3 iOS and Android apps yet. Too often, when a product team decides to build web3 on mobile, they are going at it alone.

Let’s change that. Our team at Dreamerly is committed to provide support to you whenever you need it. If you want to talk to us via emails–great. We are always available at But if emails are too slow, clunky, and impersonal for you, feel free to create a Reddit post, send a Discord message, make a LinkedIn comment, or write a Twitter DM. Go ahead and ask about anything related to our Dreamerly products and services, web3 iOS and Android issues, or app store policies. A member of our team will respond as quickly as possible.

These communities are also a great way for you to help your fellow web3 developers. We are all believers in web3, and we all want to do right by our customers. So let’s help each other. It is very possible that you have a great solution to a piercing dev problem that no one else has figured out.

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Join our Reddit community.

Reach developers globally

Crypto is global, and so should we. From our conversations with mobile engineers, web3 developers, and product designers, we have learned that different teams, regions, and cultures prefer different communication methods. Some like emails, some like chat messages, while others love tweets. To which we say: all good!

It is to make sure that all developers feel comfortable that we have built developer communities on multiple platforms, with their own styles and flavors. If you want quick and constant back-and-forths, our Discord server is the best fit. If you prefer some humor and levity, we’d recommend our subreddit. If you are always on the lookout for new career, sales, and business development opportunities, check out our LinkedIn page. And of course, send us emails, if that is your cup of tea!

Share ideas and collaborate

Most importantly, the web3 mobile developer communities that we are building can be a platform for developers to share new ideas, collaborate on new ventures, and explore the endless possibilities of web3 and mobile. There is so much to discuss: Android vs. iOS, wallet app bugs, in-app purchase handling, app rejections, blockchain integration, and more. Each of these topics requires fresh ideas, insightful discussions, and in-depth knowledge. Web3 mobile is missing its best practices. Let’s build them up together.

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Chat with us on Discord.

If the last 14 years of crypto have taught us anything, it is that communities of builders and creators can work together to overcome fearful odds, create powerful products, and make an impact. Yes, competition is a fact of life, but as web3 developers, we are all in this together. There are always opportunities to do joint development, find business partnerships, share marketing initiatives, and learn from each other. At Dreamerly, we hope to provide the starting point for those collaborative conversations.

Come join us

We have seen the inspiring successes of web3 communities across DeFi, NFTs, and DAOs. It is time for communities for web3 mobile developers.

So come join us on Reddit, Discord, LinkedIn, and Twitter. We are really really looking forward to seeing you build the next big things in web3 and mobile.

And above all, we can’t wait to hear from you.




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