What is Dreamerly?

Everything you need to implement and manage in-app NFT purchases and transactions.

Dreamerly is a mobile-native, app store-compliant, and fully customizable suite of toolkits for iOS developers to integrate NFT and web3 features into their apps. Our open-source framework provides a backend and a wrapper around Apple's StoreKit to make implementing NFT in-app purchases and transactions easy.

Whether you are building a new app or already serving millions of customers, you can use Dreamerly to:

  • Enable in-app NFT purchases that are fully compliant with app store guidelines
  • Configure, mint, and transfer NFTs from the Dreamerly Dashboard
  • Have a single source of truth to sync in-app purchases with blockcchain transactions
  • See customer transaction history, NFT-related metrics, and important business indicators
  • Get notified of real-time events through webhooks
  • Get dedicated support from our team via phone calls, chat, and emails to resolve technical and app review issues

Why Dreamerly?

App store rejection is the biggest problem mobile developers face when adding NFT and web3 features. App store guidelines are opaque, complicated, and stringent towards crypto. For example, the Apple App Store allows iOS developers to enable NFT minting and selling, but only through in-app purchase. In addition, fiat on-ramp does not work, because Apple forbids Apple forbids cryptocurrency transactions for most apps.

Dreamerly solves this problem by emphasizing app store compliance. We provide a backend for developers to deploy and mint NFTs directly via in-app purchase. There is no fiat on-ramp involved, so that developers both stay compliant with app store guidelines and minimize gas fees.

Our approach also reduces the UX friction associated with wallet integration. With Dreamerly's SDKs, end users do not have to sign transactions. This means that developers can use familiar authentication methods (e.g. social logins, usernames and passwords, etc.) and create a seamless purchase experience, which ultimately results in higher conversion and revenue.

The Dreamerly architecture

Dreamerly has three components:

  • Dreamerly Dashboard: Your one-stop shop for all transaction logs, API keys, billing and more.
  • Backend HTTP REST APIs: Your backend uses the Dreamerly REST APIs to perform actions such as creating new wallets, deploying NFT collections, minting NFTs, etc.
  • Frontend SDKs: Your iOS apps bundle Dreamerly's SDKs to handle in-app purchases and transactions.

Ready to start building?

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Updated on January 1, 2023

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